Commissioned Works

For sophisticated customers, like you, I manufacture high class commissioned works. I choose format and technique according to the subject and to your wishes. I create all my bronzes in a very close cooperation with my customers. It is absolutely essential for me to get a perfect result and an artwork which gives livelong joy to my customers. Every painting, every cast I do as a commissioned work is an Original.

Material sience in brief:

Oil Painting
I do most of my paintings in oil on linen. It is the broad variety of possibilities, as well as the brilliance of the colours which fascinates me. For me, painting in oil is “the classical supreme discipline”.

Watercolours are so impressive, because of their transparency and lightness.

All the bronzes statues I create, including the live-size bronzes of animals, will be fabricated with the lost wax technique by one of the best german bronze foundrys, to meet your highest quality standards.